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Outpatient Clinic Registration Desk

Outpatient Clinic Registration Desk



Main Reception Desk and Information
Office hours: 
onday – Friday, from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Telephone:  +48 32 278 81 06, +48 32 278 81 07


You can set the date for your first appointment with the Outpatient Clinic either in person, over the phone, or by going through a third party.  When registering by phone, you may be asked to supply the following information:
  • Your chief complaint – it will enable us to select the right doctor for you,
  • Your first and last name plus your Personal ID No (PESEL),
  • Your address (usual domicile),
  • A telephone number at which we may contact you.

Patients scheduled for their first visit must register at the First-time Reception Desk.  After registering, patients must wait their turn to be called into the interview room in order to set up their medical history.  Following the interview, patients will be directed to a respective consulting office at the Clinic.  You DO NOT need to come on an empty stomach for your first visit.

No referral / order is required to see an oncologist or an OB-GYN oncologist..
You will need a referral for the following clinics:
  • Surgical Oncology Clinic,
  • Pain Management Clinic,
  • Genetics Clinic,
  • Transplantation Clinic

Documents required for first-time registration:
  • Your identity card or another identity document showing your PESEL number (a passport or a driving license) to verify your health coverage in the eWUŚ system;
  • Medical documentation from your prior treatment (translated into the Polish language):  hospital discharge papers, histopathology test results, other diagnostic test results;
  • Documents supporting your health care coverage (for patients insured in UE/EFTA member-countries, it will be E100 and S series forms (The European Health Insurance Card);  for more information, please contact us at +48 32 278 93 91, or send us an e-mail to, or to NFZ at 
​Foreign patients (without health insurance in UE/EFTA member-countries) may be required to pay for their medical services.  For more information, please contact us at +48 32 278 93 91, or send us an e-mail to

Important information

On the day of their scheduled control visit, patients must register at the Main Reception Desk either in person, over the phone, or by going through a third party.

To have your blood drawn for the lab tests, please go directly to Phlebotomy (Punkt Pobierania Krwi) located on the ground floor.
You may have your lab tests, chest X-rays, and any mammograms done earlier before your scheduled visit, which will shorten the waiting time for your consultation.


If you are unable to keep your appointment, please advise our Registration desk by calling 32 278 81 06 or 32 278 81 07.  Keep in mind that you may have to wait a long time for your next appointment.  Cancelling and / or rescheduling your visit will require setting a new date for your diagnostic tests at the Radiodiagnostic Department (telephone 32 278 93 58).  Your new appointment may be set only after the date for the necessary tests has been fixed.

If you are unable to get through to us in the morning, please call between 4:00 PM and 6:00 PM.