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Outpatient Clinic

dr Alicja Dyla, PhD, MD


telephone: +48 32 278 82 18

The Outpatients Clinic is a modern, computerised diagnostic and operative complex.

The Outpatients Clinic performs:

  • Neoplasm disease diagnostics with the application of modern methods of pictorial diagnostics: computerised tomography, magnetic resonance, mammography and ultrasonography, radiologic scintigraphy, immunohistochemistry, molecular diagnostics and neoplasms markers, endoscopy, guided and stereotactic biopsy;
  • Qualification for outpatient or for hospital treatment in the Oncology Institute’s clinics;
  • Regular post-treatment control tests on specified dates and the continuous care of treated patient;
  • Outpatient treatment for acute, late reaction and/or complications following chemo- and radiotherapy;
  • The conducing of mono- and multiple medicine chemotherapy in the Outpatients Clinic’s Day Department, in outpatient conditions; 
  • Oncologic consultations given by one or several physicians for patients from hospitals and outpatients clinics from throughout the country, which have contracts with the Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia /National Health Fund/;
  • The genetic and molecular diagnostics of neoplasm diseases. For more information see: Poradnia Genetyczna /Genetic Outpationt Clinic/.

The Organizational Structure framework in the Outpatients Clinic:

  • Registration and physician’s rooms, for the gathering of medical history;
  • 10 specialised oncology consultation rooms – for breast, head, neck, alimentary track, reproductive organs, urinary system, lymphatic system, lungs, chest and brain neoplasm;
  • 3 oncologic surgery consultation rooms;
  • Endoscopy laboratory;
  • Nuclear medicine, thyroid diseases, endocrynology, neoplasms genetics and molecular diagnostics consultancy room;
  • Laboratories taking tissue material and blood for diagnostic tests;
  • Surgery and gynaecologic treatment rooms;
  • Chemotherapy Day Department. 

The staff of the Outpatients Clinic are experienced specialist oncologists from the Oncology Institute. As a matter of principle, the diagnose with regards to the occurrence and advancement of the neoplasm is made during the course of the consultation with the participation of several physicians, in teams of specialized physicians. They qualify patients for outpatient or hospital treatment. The Outpatients Clinic co-operates directly with the Departments of Radiodiagnostics, Nuclear Medicine and Oncologic Endocrynology, Pathology of Neoplasms as well as Clinical Analysis and Clinical Biochemistry.

Every patient, who comes into the Outpatients Clinic enters a complex net of oncologic procedures, which are based on international standards for the treatment of neoplasms, beginning with diagnostics up to continuous, regular control tests. The Outpatients Clinic gives 140,000 oncologic consultancies a year.