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Academy of the Breast Cancer Conference in Gliwice

PZWL Publishing House
would like to invite you to the Academy of the Breast Cancer 2018. During the conference we will discuss the results of the new clinical trials and the guidelines of procedures during the treatment of all biological subtypes of early and metastatic breast cancer and the recommendations of the St Gallen 2017 and ABC 2017 conferences. The conference, which will be led by prof. nadzw. dr hab. n. med. Anna Niwińska, is designed in particular for surgeons, oncologists, radiologists and gynecologists.

Date and place: 12/03/2018
Place: The Centre of Oncology - Maria Skłodowska-Curie Institute, branch in Gliwice. Auditorium of Jeremy Święcki

Fee – 129 zł
Detailed program (also in the attachment below) and the registration form are available on the website:

ARP Gliwice