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The Office of Scientific Research

mgr Magdalena Markowska

tel.: 32 278 86 55  

The Office of Scientific Research (OSR) offers support for many aspects ofscientific research conducted at the Institute in Gliwice.
More specifically the OSR deals with:
  • Qualification and coordination of the administrative and legal side of the organization and realization of the clinical research conducted in the Institute. 
  • Organization of conferences in the Institute. 
  • Administrative and financial servicing of research projects financed by National Science Centre and The National Centre for Research and Development. 
  • Co-ordination and administration of the Integrated Information System of Science and Higher Education POL-on regarding the scientific research of the Oncology Centre, Gliwice branch. 
  • Planning, conducting and reporting the scientific and developmental research. 
  • Dealing with issues regarding the academic titles and degrees. 
  • Administrative service of the Bioethical Committee.
Scientific library is also a part of the OSR:
  • It manages our library collection and provides hard and digital copies of the available works. 
  • It keeps and makes available hard copies of doctoral dissertations and collections of scientific works published by scientific employees between 1999 and 2007 in the Institute of Oncology in Gliwice. 
  • Provides information about our own collection and the collections of other libraries. 
  • Scientific library also provides service via interlibrary loans and by sharing scientific information.
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